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Project Description

The Chain

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One man struggles through a game of risk and reward as he tries to win money by performing increasingly horrific tasks on himself. Each success brings him ever closer to the elusive 7th link in The Chain


The Chain was a short film created for the Short Cuts to Hell challenge at the 2015 Frightfest. The remit was to create a 3 min or less film using only a budget of £666.

We ended up being shortlisted for the final and given a slot on the dvd and digital download release of the project

We worked with a small cast and crew on this one, but managed to achieve a great deal from everyone’s efforts

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Justin Hyne

  • Writer: Justin Hyne

  • Producer: Alison Jeffries

  • Contestant: Will Nash

  • Cinematographer: Babak Jani

  • Composer: Alessandro Apolloni

  • Editor: Mitchell Harris

  • MUA: Alex Ellison

  • Sound Design: Daniel Simpson

  • 1st AC: Sirus Gahan