Film Production

HyneSight Films is a London based independent film production company.

Our team discover new creative talent from around the world.  We then give them the opportunity to begin or further their filmmaker career.

We focus primarily on writer and/or director creatives. Those who want an opportunity to showcase what they can do.

So often a creative talent is lost due to their lack of business knowledge.  Their lack of understanding of how the film production industry works.

At HyneSight Films we work with you and help you develop your ideas and potential to realise your dreams.

Filmmaker Talent

We are always looking out for the next great filmmaker talent, who has a burning desire and passion for what they do.

If you feel like you have something amazing to give back to the world and want an opportunity to showcase it, then we’d love to hear from you.

So please get in touch on our contact page and help us discover Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today.

The HyneSight Model

HyneSight is all about discovering new filmmakers and working with them on their first feature film production. The HyneSight model requires:

  • First time feature filmmakers with a Short film portfolio
  • Scale pay above and below the line for production and post-production
  • No pay above or below the line for pre-production or development
  • Single or minimal locations
  • No special effects
  • 24 day shoot
  • Max 1 year post production from beginning of principle photography
  • £300k – £500k budget

Using the above film criteria, we are able to create extremely high production feature films at an incredibly low cost. This allows us to give each new filmmaker a great stepping stone to move onto their second feature film, with a commercially successful first feature under their belt.

Film production meeting at BAFTA

This was a meeting we had at BAFTA for our first feature film. A very exciting time in our film production journey. We have passion and energy in everything we do and therefore it translates into our work. We love to be with people who feel the same way because synergy grows all around. Our fellow filmmakers are friends, as well as work colleagues.

Everything we do starts with a thought, because from that thought we create amazing pieces of storytelling through feature film production.

Our producers are keen to work with diverse talent from all walks of life. So it doesn’t matter what your background, gender or race is because we look to find the creative inside of you.